Excel Oxford/Tuscany 2013, Part 2 – Tuscany

Homebase – Centro Studi (CISL), San Domenico, Italy The villa where we're staying is a fifteen-minute bus ride from Firenze (Piazza San Marco, to be precise), half way up the hill to Fiesole. 20130723-233258.jpg My beautiful, wonderful, lovely, air-conditioned room — with en suite bathroom (shower and all!) — is on the level below the patio on the left side. 20130723-233515.jpg A very cool tree on the courtyard bathed in vespers light. 20130724-142624.jpg
L'ombrellino on the narrow road leading to the villa's fortified entrance. 20130724-142255.jpg
A viewpoint along the walk up to Fiesole... 20130724-142639.jpg
...and the view looking down on Firenze, complete with the then half-full moon. 20130724-142649.jpg