Florence: Quotidian Views / Big Night Out / Odd-but-not-unwelcome Day Off-ish

Firenze, Italy – Day to Day Il Duomo – fantastic feat of architecture and the city's central icon, and also our quotidian meeting point 20130808-082310.jpg


My go-to lunch spot: (Bondi Carlo?) Le Focaccine – Via dell'Ariento, 85 20130808-082039.jpg

Museo di San Marco – piazza di San Marco, 3 (website) 20130808-091420.jpg Home of the breathtaking Fra Angelico frescoes (in the monks' dormitorios, ~1400-55) and steps from the bus stop for our number 7 bus to Fiesole.

***** Wandering in Oltrarno on my night off

View of Ponte Vecchio (from Ponte Santa Trinita) 20130808-081717.jpg
View of Ponte alla Carraia (from Ponte Santa Trinita) – if you look closely, you'll see the gondolier with his pole 20130808-081733.jpg

My fancy Negroni and complimentary olives (though, as it turned out, my cocktail was on the house, too —Grazie, Daniele!) at the very posh Hotel Lungarno – Borgo San Jacopo, 14 20130808-081801.jpg

Il Santo Bevitore – Via di Santo Spiritu, 64/66 (http://www.ilsantobevitore.com/) 20130808-081840.jpg They might appear blurry here, but the ravioli di burrata blew my mind, they were so delicious.

***** A student-free day about town

Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella – Via della Scala, 16 (http://www.smnovella.com/) 20130808-082112.jpg