Pursue ananda — bliss — on an expertly-designed small-group expedition, or work with us to create the private trip of your dreams.


Ananda Expeditions crafts travel experiences that balance engagement, adventure, and rejuvenation. Ananda travelers delve beneath the surface beauty of their destination as they explore off the beaten path and enjoy all that the local culture has to offer. In addition, itineraries can include specialized activities — such as walking or biking excursions, literary discussions, or regular yoga sessions.

Our Mission 


Adventure Travel  — with Purpose

Ananda Travelers, like many in today’s busy world, need a break from their day-to-day routines. But they want more out of their “vacations.” In addition to relaxing and recharging, they enjoy immersing themselves in the cultures and places they visit — exploring actively rather than hitting the main attractions and heading home.

Hence, the idea of “purposeful wandering.” We craft adventure-travel itineraries on which you will encounter novel perspectives, forge meaningful connections, learn new things, and create potent memories — vivid experiences that will stick with you long after you return home.

Are You an Ananda Traveler? 

Design the Trip of your Dreams  

In addition to offering guided private and small-group trips and unguided itineraries in a handful of countries we know intimately, we work with clients to design Ananda-style travel experiences to wherever it is they've always dreamed of exploring.

To start the Custom Trip process, please complete our Traveler Questionnaire — and/or email us with your ideas and inquiries at mlh@anandaexpeditions.com.

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Explore Past Expeditions            

France, Sweden (pictured above), Italy, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Greece, England, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Japan — over the last two decades, our team has spent multiple years living and traveling abroad in over forty countries.

We've collected some memorable stories, favorite images, and travel tips from our purposeful wanderings on our blog. Peruse the possibilities and get inspired!

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