A Missive from Sweden: Glad midsommar! (Happy Solstice!)

I Sverige, this is how we roll...

I Sverige, this is how we roll...

What a joy to get to hang out with old friends. You'll see to the right David, Daniel, and me jumping for midsommar joy upon reuniting to celebrate the longest day of the year on a lake in Småland, Sweden — nearly eighteen years after we first met as high school students in Linköping.

Spending these last five days with D+D — and their respective incredible partners and adorable children — made the first, arduous travel leg of my trip (SFO - Toronto - London - Stockholm - Linköping = 3 flights (+ 3 stressful delays) + 2 busses = 29 hours total) well worth it.

Next up, a change of scene... and language. As of tomorrow night je serais, de retour, à Paris. That's right: the 2014 travel-and-teaching season has commenced! I will do my best to document, at least in part, this summer's adventures. Stay tuned for notes on all sorts of fun as it unfolds.

For now — 'Hej då!' from a land on which the summer sun never sets.