What is a "Yoga Adventure"?

Look! We made a short video to explain our "Yoga Adventure" concept. In short, an Ananda Expeditions Yoga Adventure "combines the best aspects of a yoga retreat — daily practice, community, healthy food, and relaxation — with adventures in the local culture, so you can experience fully the destination you're in."

We'd love to hear what role yoga plays in your travels —
  - Do you go on retreat regularly?
  - Is there a specific time of year you typically take week-long vacations?
  - Where do you want to go next?!
Comment below!

If you want to learn more about the yoga portion of the Yoga Adventures, check out this previous post that lays out Michael's approach to designing and teaching a week-long curriculum of all-levels, Vinyasa (or "alignment flow") yoga practices.

As a student of Stephanie Snyder (200-hr training) and Jason Crandell (300-hr training), Michael crafts sequences that ease your body open before moving fluidly — and creatively — through a series of poses in service of a specific anatomical, energetic, or thematic focus (i.e. hip-opening, stress release, or length in the limbs and the breath). She tailors every practice to the needs and experience levels of those present, so you're sure to feel at home — whether you're new to yoga, or an experienced practitioner.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about yoga, Yoga Adventures, or anything else. Michael can be reached by email (mlh@anandaexpeditions.com), or phone (303.913.9861). Also, please share this post with a friend who might be interested, and/or head over to our Facebook page to like the video! <wink, wink>

Thanks! And namaste.